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6200 lb Modified Street Truck Rules

2023 Purse will be: Total $1200

1st -   $400

2nd - $300

3rd -  $200

4th -  $150

5th -  $100

6th -  $50

See General Rules for class representatives.

1. Weight of class: 6200 lbs. with 50 lb. allowance.

2. Must run weight at 6200 lbs. for scales available at day of pull. There will be no bumping up of weight to accommodate  different scale readings.

3. Hanging weights allowed but cannot extend more than 60" from center of front axle and cannot be more than 80 " wide. Weight must be at least 10" off the ground and securely fastened. No weights permitted inside of cab. 1" tolerance on all measurements.

4. Any loss of weights, parts, excessive fluids, etc. will be grounds for disqualification, except due to breakage or after forward motion has stopped.

5. Hitch height 26" max. Hitch length must be 27% of the wheel base of your truck, measured from center of rear end housing to hook point. Hitch mounting point cannot be forward of rear axle and must not be more than 2" above from frame rail. No hydraulic hitches permitted. Hitches must be safe, secure, and rigid in all 4 directions. Hitches are to have no in or out adjustment.

6. Universal Joint shields are required on all drive shaft u-joints and must be at least 4" wide and centered over u-joint. All drive shafts over 30" long including those with carrier bearings must be equipped with drive shaft loops made of at least 4" wide metal or rigid rod. No chains allowed.

7. Blow proof bellhousing with block protecting plate is mandatory when using a manual transmission. Plate must be secured with all bottom bolts and at least 2 top bolts. A SFI approved blanket/shield just be used to cover automatic transmissions.

8. Ignition kill switch must be operational and mounted in center of the truck/tailgate and must be at least 30" off the ground.

9. Drive train must be factory production 1 ton or less, no centrifugal clutches unless approved by class. Hydraulic steering is permitted. Ladder bars front and rear are permitted. Solid suspension is permitted. Must run a stock production frame.

10. Carburetor must not be forward of the center of the front axle. Radiators must remain in front of engine. All factory glass must be present. All trucks must have stock sheet metal (except hood). If bed floor is removed, you must have a bed cover or bed liner. Tailgates can be removed.

11. Aluminum or iron cylinder heads must be used. No pro-stock style heads allowed. For example:



FORD: C-460: Blue Thunder Thor : Boss Hemi.

CHEVROLET: Big Chief : Big Duke, SR-20

DODGE: Predator : Hemi

12. Carburetors: Dominator or 4150 style carburetor allowed. No injection of any kind allowed. No blowers or superchargers allowed.

13. A 557 cubic inch limit is allowed with 1% tolerance. (562.5 Max). Any engine puffing larger than 562.5 will require head to be pulled.

14. Vacuum pumps are permitted. Dry sump permitted.

15. Headers must be run underneath the truck. No pipes required.

16. No sheet metal intakes allowed.

17. Pump has or race gas only. No nitrous, nitrous accessories, or alcohol allowed.

18. No leaf springs required.

19. Any DOT tire is allowed. No cut or grooved tires allowed. No tire taller than 35" or 315 allowed.

20. If puller goes out of bounds by touching or going over white line the vehicle is disqualified.

21. Puller will be allowed 2nd attempt to start the sled if vehicle attempts to stop before 75 ft. mark. Vehicle can travel past 75 ft. unless in pull off.

22. Any interference from truck drivers, crew or friends/family on the track, scales or anywhere on the premises is grounds for disqualification. Alcohol consumption by pullers/ crew members will not be tolerated.

23. Promoter has the right to combine classes if he/she deems necessary due to lack of participants.

24. All trucks must meet safety requirements to be allowed to pull.


25. Any truck can be inspected prior to pulling. Officials have the right to check any truck at any given time. Lack of adherence to these rules will be grounds for disqualification.

26. No rear leaf springs required.

27. All hoods must be able to be open completely without interference of air cleaner or anything.

28. All engines are to be checked and sealed before eligible to compete for points or purse. Class will honor other organizations seals if the rules are readily available for that organization. Seal must be labeled with organization name.

29. All trucks participating for purse must be deemed legal for class before the pull.

30. Helmet and fire jacket (racing jacket) required.

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