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8100 lb Hot Street 4x4 Diesel Truck Rules

***This will be a Points Class with Mtn. Boyz Motorsports this year. You must be a member to participate for the purse winnings of this class***

1. Engine must be a compression ignition engine factory produced for 1 ton or smaller diesel pick up trucks. Aftermarket programmers and chips allowed. Aftermarket air to air intercoolers are allowed.

2. Any and all turbo or turbos are accepted.

3. Maximum Truck weight including driver is 8100lbs. Weight boxes are permitted. Hanging front weights are ALLOWED. The weights may not exceed 60 inches from the center of the front axle

4. Fuel must be #1/#2 diesel fuel only. Soy/Biodiesel fuel is permitted. No other combustible material (nitrous, propane, etc) may be injected into the turbocharger or any part of the air intake system. Water-to air intercoolers are prohibited nitrous or combustibles: The feed line must be removed from the bottle to the solenoid, and the bottle removed from the vehicle. Fuel cells are permitted, a 10 GL Minimum located in bed only.

5. Multiple injection pumps are legal.

6. All vehicles must have a 4 wheel hydraulic brake system in good working

7. Headlights cannot be removed from the air duct

8. Hitch Must be rigged in all directions. Hitch mounting point must not be more than 2 above fram rails. And no further forwards than the centerline of the rear axle. Recommend that Bolts in hitch be forge pins instead of bolts. From point of hook to centerline of rear axle shall be no less than 27% of wheels base Maximum hitch height of 24 inches with a minimum of 3.75x3 opening. Tab must be welded in center of rear axle to assist in measuring.

10. Vehicles must have an OEM firewall and floor. Only holes allowed are those for brakes, clutch, transmission controls and wiring.

11. Tires must have a DOT approved number on the sidewall. The maximum tire size of 35 x 12.50 is permitted. Dual wheels are not permitted. All real wheels are permitted without any offset restrictions.

12. All vehicles must have OEM working suspension front and rear and zero suspension travel is permitted. All rear axle reinforcements cannot be permanent and must be removeable, bolted. Bolt on traction bars are permitted. No solid rear and welded stops.

13. Wheelbase of the truck must be unaltered for the truck being used.

14. Truck and driveline being used (including front and rear axle clutch transmission transfer case and driveshaft) must have been originally produced for a diesel one ton pick up truck. No pro fab 3 speeds

15. Engine and radiator must be in their original location as intended by the manufacturer

16. Frame, body, bed, and fenders must meet OEM specifications. Flatbeds must be State Street Legal. All window glass must be in place. Doors and window must function up and down. Beds must have a full floor. Small access holes are allowed in the bed for roll cage attachments and hitch attachments. Must have full interior with option to remove OEM seats, must have a driver seat, meeting safety requirements.

Safety Requirements (Mandatory above 2.5 turbo size)

1. Hand throttles will be allowed but must be dead man type

2. Any u joint that can be seen must be shielded

3. Full transmission blankets (SFI approved)

4. Helmet DOT approved

5. No riders in points class

6. Turbo blankets (Pending)

7. Intake Air shut off from two locations from driver cabin and rear of vehicle

8. Fuel dump valve (Pending)

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