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5500 lb Hot Antique Rules

1. Any single up draft Carb only
2. Only one LP regulator
3. Stock diesel pump for make and model (no Turbo)
4. Exhaust to go thru hood in originial hole from factory
5. No truck motors or power units
6. Race fuel, diesel or propane (no alcohol or NOS)
7. 6mph speed limit 6.1=mph
8. First puller option
9. 1959 or older
10. Tractor must be stock appearing.
11. No stretched hoods to allow larger engine
12. No aluminum wheels
13. No aluminum custom wide front ends
14. Tires size 14.9x38, 15.5x28, 18.4x38
15. Can run cut tires
16. Draw bar to be 20"high and 18" from center rear axle must be rigid in all directions
17. Hood point of a D style must be 3-4" opening
18. Cusom weight bars allowed Aluminum allowed
19. Weight can not be no more then 24" from the foremost point of the tractor
20. Rear weight bars and weights are not to be behind the tires 11 ft from center or rear axle to end of weights
21. Wheelie bars are required to they must be 10" above the ground and must not be rigid
22. Any safety equipment allowed side shield, kill switch, scatter shields

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