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6500lb Cheater Street Legal Gas Truck Rules


1st 150.00
2nd 100.00
3rd 75.00

  • Must be licensed and insured and inspected if required.

  • All lights and exhaust be street legal, must run mufflers.

  • Must have complete interior and body, No gutted beds. Full seats, wipers, heater, and turn signals must work.

  • No hanging weights or weight bars, front bumpers must be street legal.

  • Must pull from reese style hitch or bumper. No draw bar hitches. Hitch clevis must atleast be even withn the end of the bed. Any weight added to cab or bed must be securely fastened.

  • Traction Bars are Ok but, stops must have travel and be able to be removed. (Bolt in)

  • No hydraulic steering allowed, must run on pump gas.

  • Must have accessory belts in place, including working alternator, power steering and water pump (Electric Fan Ok).

  • Farm Use ok if legitimate looking farm truck

  • Can be trailered to event

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